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2016 Police Suicide Study
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The Disabled Police Officer
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Law Enforcement Alcoholics Anonymous
Police Killings and Mental Health
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Is alcohol causing problems in your life?

Do you have a desire to stop drinking?



Countless police officers and retirees have found the solution in Alcoholics Anonymous!


To add your group to this list, or for some pointers on setting up a new group, please e-mail

Andy O.  at



Remember, that first meeting is a BIG step for newcomers, so let's make that step a little easier for them.  You do no one any good if you keep yourselves a secret!


"When anyone, anywhere reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there--and for that, I am responsible."






Station House Retreat/Recovery Center for First Responders, Florida - (855) 525-HELP

Confidential Recovery Center for First Responders, San Diego - (619) 452-1200



Salem, Oregon

Meetings 4:00 - 5:00 pm

Salem OR 97302

Contact Tammy N., (503) 507-4151




Los Angeles County

La Crescenta and San Fernando Valley

Law enforcement AA meeting

Contact us at (818) 632-6154

Denver, Colorado

Sunday evenings

Contact Rebecca A. at 720-365-2132


Seattle, WA

Law Enforcement Recovery Fellowship

Sundays at 7 pm

Contact Steve at (425) 243-5092



Boston, Mass.

Big Book Meeting at 10:00 a.m. 

Contact Peer Support Unit (617) 343-5175 

or Monique Cesar at 617-592-9135 before coming.



Sonoma County, California

Meetings 1900 hours 

Contact Margie (707) 539-5010



Ontario, Canada

For information on AA and meetings

contact Peter F. at (519) 951-1613

Fairfield, New Jersey

Full Recovery Wellness Center

Meetings 7 - 8 pm

Contact Brian F. at (973) 903-0878



Haverford, PA

Bottles and Badges – this BnB meeting is open to all First Responders

Mondays at 7 PM

Contact the Law Enforcement Peer Support Network for more information at 888-915-3776.

Englewood, CO

Active and retired police officers

Meetings at 7 pm

Contact Rebecca A. at (720) 365-2132


Western North Carolina

(Asheville, Brevard and Hendersonville area)

"Beyond Choir Practice"

Meetings at 6:00 pm

Contact John W at 828-551-3121 or

Beverly, Mass

N. Shore LE Meeting

Monday 6 pm

Contact Phil B at (978) 335-7233 or Joe R at 781-854-8686

Jacksonville, Florida

Peace Officers Fellowship meetings Mondays at 7 PM

Contact Guy H. at (714) 612-1546


Lakeland, Florida

2nd Monday of each month

Contact Jack G. at (863) 647-9471


Cape Cod, Mass

2nd and 4th Mondays, 6 - 7 p.m.

West Barnstable

Contact (508) 246-8170 or



Boston, Massachussets.

Speaker Discussion Meeting 7:30 pm.

Contact Peer Support Unit at (617) 343-5175 or Monique Cesar at (617) 592-9135 before coming.


Houston, Texas

For information or in crisis, contact

Kevin B., (713) 836-2563



Woodbridge, NJ

St. James Church, 7:00 p.m.

Contact: Jim S  Cell 908-380-7422


Arcadia, California

Meetings at 1930 hrs

Contact us at (213) 847-1903  



Long Beach, California

Meetings held for police and firefighters

Contact us at (562) 233-1300 or (562) 595-4184 


Minneapolis - St. Paul

Contact Steve W. (612) 879-0712



San Francisco, California.

Contact us at (415) 933-6038  

West Palm Beach, Florida
Meetings at 5:00 pm
Law enforcement, fire rescue, emergency personnel, support staff are welcome.
Contact Stephan S. at (561) 632-1027





Red Bank, N.J.

Meetings at 1900 hrs

CONTACT: Marty A.  (732) 229-5750

Redwood City, CA

First Responders Group

Meetings at 1830 hrs every other Tuesday

Contact Bill at 650-274-1391

Cleveland, Ohio

Tuesday Serenity

Meetings at 1900 hrs

Open to LE, Corrections, Fire

Contact Chris at (216) 857-7330  


Lawrence, Mass

Merrimack Valley LE Meeting

Tuesday 7 pm

Contact Joe R at 978-408-5279

Victoria, British Columbia

"Front Liners" (active and retired police, fire, paramedics)

Meetings at 7:30 pm

Contact Dave B. at (250) 216-0385

Union City, California

Meetings at 1900 hours

Contact Frank S. at (510) 468-1036 



Fairfield, California

Meetings 1930 - 2030,

Contact: Matt B. (707) 592-5643




Nassau County (Long Island), New York

Meetings Tuesday evenings 7:30 pm

Contacts:  Bill S.  (516) 293-4662 



San Diego, California.

(For cops and firefighters)

Contact Joe A. @ (858) 945-6653

or Mike M @ (858) 672-2728



Chicago, Illinois (South Side)

Contact: (312) 743-0378

Officers and family members may call.


San Bruno, California

Meetings at 1900 hours

Contact Greg at (650) 455-2840


Hurst, Texas

Meetings at 1900 hours

Contact Mike G. at (817) 285-9154

San Francisco, CA

Meetings at 1800 hrs

Contact Art at 415-378-5082


Marshfield, Mass. 

Meetings 6 -7 pm

Contact Tammy L. at (781) 987-3006





Austin, Texas

The Austin Area Helping Professionals

Meetings 1:00 - 2:00 pm

Contact Dan A., (512) 974-8283

Concord, CA

All first responders welcome

Meetings 7:30 - 8:30 pm (AA and PTSD)

Contact Josh G. at (925) 890-3217


New Haven, Connecticut

6:30 pm (police, fire, ems, corrections) 

Call 888-327-1060 24/7 for meeting info





Palm Desert, California

6:30 p.m.

Contact:  Randy R. (760) 992-4344

Desert POF



Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

7:30 p.m.

Contact Warren B at (412) 563-8417 or

cell (412) 721-4310, email

or Brian F at (412) 915-0352



Union, New Jersey

7:00 p.m.

Contact Matt B (908) 403-8575 / (908) 352-7235

or Marco C (973) 223-1144

or Jim S (732) 388-5451 / (908) 380-7422


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

7:00 p.m.

Phone: (215) 629-3600


Orange County, California

Contact us at (626) 536-0851



Cypress, California

Meetings 1930 hours

Contact Tom M. (626) 536-0851 



Chicago, Illinois (South Side)

Contact: (312) 743-0378

Officers and family members may call.



San Rafael, California 

Meetings 1930 hrs

Contact Rick @ (415) 827-7309



Sacramento, CA (AA, NA and PTSD)

Open to all emergency responders

Wednesdays from 1900-2000

For more information about this meeting contact:

Marlin (916) 606-0419

or Chuck P. at (916) 468-3566 




Hollister, CA

Meetings 7:00 - 8:00 pm (Behind the Badge)

Contact:  Tom K., (831) 245-9896

San Francisco, CA

First Responder's Men's Meeting

Meetings at 1800 hrs

Contact Art at 415-378-5082


Lynn, Mass

N. Shore LE Meeting

Thursday 10 am

Contact Joe R at 781-854-8686


Livermore, California

For First Responders, meeting at 7:00 pm

Contact Ed at (209) 401-9687


Dallas, Texas

Meetings at 3:00 pm

Contact Jim M., (214) 629-4988 

Houston, Texas

Rollcall Group (Police and Firefighters)

Meetings at 7:00 pm

Contact Kevin 713-836-2563, Allen 832-352-0709 or Bernie 281-705-4586


San Bernardino, California

For Cops and Firefighters

Contact Steve D. (951) 927-3768 or Al H. (909) 862-2175 



San Francisco, California 

1000 Hrs.

Contact us at (415) 933-6038


Clovis, CA

1900 hrs

Contact Terry A. at (559) 392-4888



Mount Shasta, CA

Meetings at 1900 hrs

Contact Steve Y. at (909) 921-7858



Phoenix, Arizona

Meetings 1930 hrs;

Contact:  (602) 904-1088 



Fresno, California

First Responders and Retirees

Meetings 1800 - 1930

Contact: Al H. at (559) 908-1988

Omaha, Neb. 

First Responders

Meetings 1900 hrs

Contact Chris C. at (402) 630-2973




Carson City, Nevada

Meetings 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Contact Brian H. at 775-230-6455

Open to all responders, including fire, medical and chaplains






Boston, Mass.

Speaker Discussion Meeting 12:00 noon

Contact Peer Support Unit at 617-343-5175 

or Monique Cesar at (617) 592-9135 before coming.



Aliso Viejo (Orange County, CA)

Fridays, 7:00 pm

Call Chuck, (949) 243-2023 or Brad, (949) 378-5713



Union, New Jersey

7:00 p.m.

Contact Matt B (908) 403-8575 / (908) 352-7235

or Marco C (973) 223-1144

or Jim S (732) 388-5451 / (908) 380-7422




Chicago, Illinois (North Side) 

Contact: (312) 743-0378

Officers and family members may call.



Houston, Texas

Contact Kevin at (713) 836-2563




Chicago, Illinois (North Side) 

Contact: (312) 743-0378

Officers and family members may call.

Belmont, Mass.

Meetings 6:00 - 7:30 pm

Contact Monique C at (617) 592-9135 or (617) 343-5175